Asphalt Contractors in Plainfield, Indiana

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Welcome to the thrilling world of AJ Asphalt Indy, your local asphalt experts in the heart of Plainfield, Indiana!

We’re not your average asphalt company; we’re your go-to asphalt expert team, here to save the day (and your asphalt surfaces) with a dash of fun and a whole lot of expertise. Buckle up, because this journey is about to get exciting!

    Our Services

    We believe that every asphalt project is a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold. We’ve got the skills, equipment, and a touch of asphalt magic to make it happen. Check out our services and hop on the asphalt rollercoaster with us:

    Asphalt Paving

    Ready to revamp your driveway, parking lot, or road? Hold on tight! Our asphalt paving experts are here to create a smooth, durable surface that’ll have you sliding into your parking spot with style.


    Sealcoating is like giving your asphalt surface its very own protective cape. It fights off UV rays, water, and nasty chemicals to keep your pavement looking fresh and ready to take on the world.

    Repairs & Resurfacing

    Is your asphalt looking a bit rough around the edges? Our repair and resurfacing services are here to rescue your pavement from the clutches of cracks and potholes. We’ll have it looking brand new in no time!


    Your driveway is your home’s red carpet. Let us roll it out for you with our driveway installation, repairs, and resurfacing services. We promise it’ll be the smoothest path you’ve ever traveled.

    Parking Lots

    For business owners in Plainfield, a damaged parking lot can be a villainous nightmare. But fear not! Our team will swoop in and make your parking lot safe, attractive, and ready to welcome your customers.

    Parking Lot Striping

    Tired of the parking lot chaos? We’ll paint the way to order with our parking lot striping services. Say goodbye to the parking lot maze – it’s time for some organized parking fun!

    Commercial and Residential Asphalt

    No adventure is too big or too small for us. Whether it’s a cozy residential driveway or a colossal commercial parking lot, we’ve got the skills to conquer them all. We’re the superheroes of Plainfield’s asphalt world!

    Pothole Repair

    Potholes are the supervillains of the asphalt world, but don’t worry; we’ve got the antidote! Our pothole repair services will leave your pavement smooth and free from pesky craters.

    Why Choose Us


    We’ve been in the asphalt game for ages, and our skills have only gotten sharper with time. You can trust our seasoned team to save the day, every day.

    Quality Materials:

    We only use top-notch materials because, well, superheroes deserve nothing less. Our materials are sourced from the best suppliers, ensuring durability and reliability.

    State-of-the-Art Equipment:

    Ever seen a superhero without their trusty gadgets? Our modern equipment helps us tackle asphalt challenges with precision and efficiency. We’re always up-to-date with the latest industry innovations.

    Customer Satisfaction:

    Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We don’t just fix asphalt; we build long-lasting relationships. We take time to understand your needs, providing tailored solutions that exceed your wildest asphalt dreams.

    Contact Us Today

    Ready to embark on an asphalt adventure like no other? Contact us now! Whether you need a quote, a consultation, or a chat, we’re here for you. Plainfield’s asphalt wonders await, and we can’t wait to be your asphalt contractors!